Adept is a Professional New York Engineering Consulting firm which specializes in Machine and Product design.

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    Adept is a professional engineering firm that specializes in machine and product design. We work with our clients to create extraordinary, functional products and machines that peo...
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    Engineering is our passion. Since our inception in 1993, Adept has consistently provided a range of engineering services that realize our client’s ideas, objectives and needs.
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    A machine’s or product’s purpose is to satisfy a need. Adept's engineering methods begin each prospective project by understanding everything about your idea. In what will prov...

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Project Examples

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Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
    Packaging Machine
  • Handheld Resin Dispenser
    Resin Dispensing Unit
  • Sigelock Fire Hydrant
    Fire Hydrant
  • Foam Dispenser CAD Drawing
    Foam Dispenser
  • Linear Actuator
    Linear Actuator
  • Aviation Lighting Design
    Aviation Light
  • Hydro-Turbine Rotor Hub
    Rotor Hub
  • Garbage Hauler Truck
    Garbage Hauler
  • Tow-Rope Retriever
    Tow-Rope Retriever
  • Composite Mountain Bike
    Composite Mountain Bike
  • Original Equipment Design
    DNA Sequencing Machine Developement
  • Hydropower Generator
    Hydrokinetic Generator

Why Choose Us?

We Are Committed

Committed to see your project done effectively and efficiently. Getting the project done in a time efficient, cost effective and thorough method is how it is done. Our years of experience guides us well not to over Engineer or under design.

Innovative and Creative

The Adept team is specifically selected to reach every clients objectives and goals.  Every member having decades of relevant experience, not only in the science of Engineering but also, just as importantly, in the Art of Technical Communication, Intellectual Sparring and Straight Forward problem solving.

Quality Commitment

We prepare, guide and follow you through the Design and Engineering process. We pride ourselves in our clear and honest communication with our clients. Please have a look at the testimonials at the bottom of this page to hear what just a few of our clients have to say about us.

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4sight_logo-hMatthew is a talented and insightful engineer. Just as importantly he has a keen awareness of the business environment in which new product development occurs. He is also experienced at interfacing seamlessly with industrial designers.

Logo of FirstMatt is working with a group of my high school students on an engineering project. He is a great natural teacher; he knows how much help and information to give to students and when to hold back and let the students learn on their own and make mistakes. He has volunteered to do this and has proven a great role model.

Logo of ledspecialistGreat, creative mechanical designs, reliable service.

Rotating equipment design servicesMatthew is a very good & competent engineer. We have been working together, on and off for 20 years. He has continually shown excellent engineering skills with high sensitivity to meeting expected deliverables on time. Highly Recommended

Logo of Objective DesignWe are a product design & development firm that has engaged Adept’s services on projects, ranging from kitchen appliances & sports equipment to packaging equipment, over the last 6 yrs. We think highly of Adept, Inc. and would reccomend their engineering design, 3D modeling & FEA services to all considering Adept, Inc. for hire.

Logo of FarquestMatt and I collaborated on a challenging new product for a competitive coffee industry. His mechanical aptitude and his perseverance for getting things done on time makes him a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our next project together.

Logo of CannondaleI’ve found Matt to be a open, honest, and very competent engineer. He has the ability to not only take the ball and run with it, but run in the right direction! He has a critical eye to the fine detail as well as the big picture. He produces sound results.

Harsh Environment Lighting DesignOur company has been working with Adept for several years providing a support wedge of heat transfer skills for LED lighting applications. Adept is quite exceptional as engineers in that their skills are so broadly based and multi-disciplined as a team leader. Their understanding is far broader than just mechanical design. Adept is an ideal mechanical/electrical/optical design team capable of multi-discipline judgmental decisions, providing a balanced weight to competing concepts that result in an effective design.

NortonAdept and I have worked on several engineering consulting jobs together and I have found them to be very knowledgeable and competent in engineering design and analysis. I recommend them highly.

Logo of Palmer FoundryAdept is a pleasure to work with. The level of detail and thoughfulness of their design work is exemplary. If you need it done right, you should hire Adept.

Logo of Northen-power-systemsAdept has tremendous depth of experience in mechanical design. They understands the consequences of every decision. Adept draws on his experience to solve problems in a complete way. Adept doesn’t take shortcuts. When they’re done, the product is ready to build.

Logo of ledspecialist“I have worked with Matt Hayduk almost continuously since founding LED Specialists in 2004. Matt has developed the lion’s share of our mechanical designs, and most of those were for challenging environments. Some of those designs include aerospace, with qualification to DO-160 environments, explosion proof (UL844) oil platform applications, and marine applications. Matt always conducts himself very professionally, he works well with other engineers on the team, and he shows a high level of integrity, dedication to sound engineering principles and commitment. It is a pleasure to work with Matt.”

VerdantMatt has been and continues to make great contributions to Verdant Power – a marine and hydrokinetic energy company that has installed and operated the world’s only grid-connected array of tidal powered turbines. He is truly an unique and common systems developer, with solid resources in a multitude of engineering disciplines, which he has applied to the company from conceptual to complete systems design, development and verification. He has made a difference for Verdant Power

Fire Hydrant PrototypeI had the pleasure of working with Matt for a year on an engineering project. Matt really impressed me with his ability to deal with all manner of clients in a professional and diplomatic manner. He is very cool under pressure, able to deliver under extremely tight deadlines, highly competent and dedicated to delivering the highest degree of service and finished engineering product to a client. Matt is a rare talent in his field, extremely versatile, utilizes all manner of cutting edge engineering sources and platforms and possesses great knowledge of the engineering Industry and his craft. I would highly recommend Matt, either as chief engineer, or as a member of your team to execute your engineering project flawlessly.


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