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Forest Engineering Story

George and the Forest

Previously I’ve been discussing the engineering process and prototyping… important subjects… dry… but hey, it’s engineering. Not so dry for those of us that live it. I’d like to thank everyone who has appreciated and contributed to follow-up, discussion and praise. However, I’m going to shift gears and share with you an anecdotal experience that I believe […]

Large SLA Investment Casting pattern

To Prototype or not to Prototype?

Previously we spoke about 3D printers, their promise or lack thereof! I will admit I have been a bit cynical of their reliability, accuracy and actual usefulness. There is absolutely no doubt that 3D printers are here to stay and promise great things for our future. Sadly, for most of us, it still remains in the future. Despite the fact […]

Adept, Inc.

Want to engineer your idea? It might not be easy.

Let’s just say you want to build a new machine or develop a new product. Can’t you just dive in and do it? The simple answer is “no.” You need an Engineer. Adept is proud to present If Engineering Was Easy… a blog with an editorial focus on innovation in mechanical engineering, industrial design, and […]

Engineering Methodology

The Engineering Design Process

Concurrent Engineering has been a buzz word for decades. I expect that there are dozens of similar terms for all types of development work. They all basically mean the same, relative to foresight and working as a team with the hopes of streamlining the Engineering design process. Within the design Engineering sector the onset of extremely […]