Foam In-Place Packaging Machine

Adept was approached by a Packaging materials supplier to Design and Engineer a Foam in place Packaging Machine. The supplier was selling proprietary foam resin and hardener used in Foam in place Packaging Machines. They were partnering with a company that manufactured the machinery required to facilitate this process. But, those machines were problematic and prone to excessive down time, leading to dropped sales and clients. The supplier desired to provide their own machine.

Adept was able through a close relationship with the companies service personnel and account managers to obtain years of first hand experience. This experience proved invaluable and allowed Adept to produce to truly revolutionary Foam in Place packaging machine receiving numerous patents along the way.

Project Design and Responsibilites

  • Engineering Team Coordination.
  • Complete System Conceptualization and Layout.
  • Innovative Mechanical and Electrical solutions.
  • Patented Concepts and Designs.
  • Patent infringment avoidance.
  • Custom User Interface with dedicated programming.
  • Advanced Machine Controls.
  • Custom Innovative Mechanism design.
  • Telemetry Communication.
  • Large Assembly CAD Management.

Design Requirements:

  • Increase Machine throughput.
  • Modernize Controls, add remote interfacing.
  • Improve User Interfaces and Maintenance requirements.
  • Solve all Legacy Operation and Maintenance issues.