Phase 1: Virtual Prototype Design

Process Flow - Virtual Prototype Development
Prototype Design Service

Conceptualization, Design and Analysis

It’s a wonderful time to be an engineer. Today’s computer software and hardware have evolved the virtual world into an engineer’s playground. It is here where your prototype development will be discovered and revealed. With your boundaries and desires  defined, your design begins to take shape as a virtual prototype. This virtual prototype development  can take many forms– some as life-like imagery as powerful renderings that can bring your product to like long before it birth. While other forms will be as analytical models and analyses that reveal your designs’ inner most secrets and guide our engineers to optimized solutions meeting otherwise unobtainable capabilities and performance.

3D Modeling and Analysis is at the heart of prototype development and affords the engineer tremendous insight. It has always been the Engineers’ job to be able to visualize, conceptualize and then create what others might only dream of as an idea. 30 years ago an Engineer did this with only a pencil, paper and calculator (slide rules before that!). Today armed with high powered computers and truly amazing software the engineers world is in 3D and beyond. This is witnessed everyday by our blind enjoyment of the many incredible devices operating out of sight and out on mind.