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Industrial Engineering Consulting on Long Island

Long Island Engineering CompaniesAdept Inc, is considered one of the most versatile Long Island engineering companies. We are experts in machine and product design for many different industries all over Long Island and throughout the entire country.  Our clients range from healthcare to consumer products so we have diversified experience in many different disciplines.

Adept Engineering was established in 1993 and we have been providing innovative engineering ideas and solutions to clients on Long Island for over two decades.  We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau for the services we provide.  Compared to other local engineering companies, we have clients in various industries including healthcare, aerospace, the military, marine environments, energy, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, consumer products, lighting technology, and electronics. Other Long Island companies do not offer the diversified services that Adept Engineering offers to their customers.

We provide professional level support to commercial, aerospace, original equipment, and military companies requiring senior level engineering capabilities. Businesses that may be looking for Long Island companies can count on Adept Engineering.  We can deliver the engineering services that they are looking for.

Business owners are looking for Long Island engineering companies that have strong engineering knowledge and can offer innovative design ideas. They are also in need of Long Island engineering companies that have years of experience in the industry. Adept Engineering works directly with their clients to create extraordinary, functional products and machines. Adept has the experience and expertise for any project in any industry. Compared to other Long Island engineering companies, Adept is considered one of the top tier Long Island engineering companies.

Adept Inc, is considered one of the most outstanding Long Island engineering companies. Our services include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, concept development, prototype fabrication and testing.  We strive to serve our Long Island clients with integrity and offer the most innovative engineering concepts and solutions.

We specialize in product design and prototyping and we have helped hundreds of clients with new product development over the years.  As an experienced engineering firm, we have been called one of the finest Long Island engineering companies around.  Our client list includes Piney Bowes, Northern Power Systems, LED Specialists and more.

Contact Adept Engineering for structural design services, hydraulic system design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and original designs.  We work with so many industries and we are considered one of the most diversified Long Island engineering companies.  If you want one of the most experienced Long Island engineering companies, then call Adept Inc, today.  Get in touch with us at 516-759-4161.