Machine and Product Design Engineering

Long Island Engineering CompanyAdept is a Long Island professional engineering company that specializes in Machine and Product design engineering. Adept is an advanced Long Island engineering company that provides professional level engineering support to Original Equipment, Commercial, Aerospace and Military Companies requiring senior level engineering capabilities. Adept will take you from concept to production-ready documentation; this is what we do.

Adept is an advanced Long Island engineering company that is comprised of a group of seasoned consultants selectively chosen by Adept’s founder and Chief Engineer for their exceptional command within their specific expertise. Adept approaches every project with unprecedented attention to detail and adds decades of real world experience to every project we take on.  As a highly experienced Long Island engineering company with 30 years of engineering and over 20 years of consulting depth, Adept has amassed a coordinated group of experts, ready to  apply their extensive assets towards your project’s objectives. We get it done!

Clients in every industry deserve a Long Island engineering company that can handle the entire scope of their project. Adept excels at clean sheet development engineering; your specifications, requirements and desires are gathered and combined into a working product or machine.  We area an advanced Long Island engineering company that works closely with our clients to deliver the end result they are looking for – a complete product, machine or system .

Working as your dedicated team, Adept is the Long Island engineering company that can provide you with Engineering expertise when you need it. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design are provided on an ala carte menu. Adept will provide a concert of services necessary to bring your visions and requirements to life. We are also available as an added team player or on an advisory level to consult with and insert guidance to your already assembled team.

Contact Adept, an expert Long Island engineering company if you want an engineering firm that works closely and attentively with every client. We work with our clients to create extraordinary, functional products and machines that people use and are proud of. Whether it’s applying our decades of experience utilizing known technology or discovering and developing technology for your specific needs, Adept is the Long Island engineering company that has the experience and expertise to guide you in this journey.

Adept Engineering is a professional Long Island engineering company that provides innovative engineering ideas and solutions to clients in various industries. We provide engineering support to commercial, aerospace, original equipment, and military companies.  We were established in 1993 and we are an expert Long Island engineering company that specializes in machine and product development.

As testimony to our innovative spirit, we are proud to be a Long Island engineering company that holds 15 US PATENTS, multiple foreign patents and we also have many pending patents. Please view several of our past clients testimonials on the bottom of our home page. Throughout our decades of consulting we have found that no two projects are alike.

As an established Long Island engineering company, Adept Engineering can deliver the engineering support and engineering services that companies in many industries require. Please feel free to call us for a free consultation to discuss your project.