Foam Dispenser Assembly


Conceptualize, Design and Analyze a device to heat, mix and deliver as A/B resin between two layers of plastic.

Design and Analysis Overview:

  • Total Machine Layout.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering coordination.
  • Extrusion Design.
  • Bevel Gear, Crankshaft, clutch and
  • Manifold design.
  • Patent awards and avoidance.
  • Heat Transfer Analysis.
  • Finite Element Analysis.
  • Tolerance Analysis.
  • Detailed Drawing and CAD geometry.
  • ANSI Y15.5 GEOTOL Drawings.
  • Manufacture Liaison.

Design Parameters/Technical Specifications:

  • Adhere to strict process parameters.
  • Remedy known process issues.
  • Conform to evolving machine layout.
  • Design for manufacture, low tooling cost.
  • Design for maintainability.


Foam Dispenser Assembly


Foam Dispenser CAD Drawing

Foam Dispenser

Foam Dispenser Diagram