Adept Engineering is the company you need when automation requires custom discrete design. By applying creative thought paired with sound engineering design principles, Adept Engineering has conceptualized and produced many innovative and unique automated machines. Adept’s patent portfolio is a testament to our innovation and expertise.

One automation project Adept handled focused on creating a way to automate a DNA sequencing device. A major New York university’s graduate biology research department had developed a new way to sequence DNA. The drawback was that what they created could only sequence one specimen per cycle. Since the university wanted to make the new technique available commercially, the process needed to be automated so they hired Adept Engineering. Not only would the existing process need to scale but also a thorough knowledge of mechanical engineering, industrial design and fluid dynamics was needed to automate the process of atomically sequencing multiple specimens.

Adept’s veteran engineering experience allowed it to design, test and construct a cost-effective, efficient, compact machine able to withstand the 15 or more atmospheres of pressure required for the process. Adept also created a way to automatically pressurize and depressurize the specimen area so that each sample was processed without outside intervention. Adept custom designed and prototyped an efficient, compact scissor jack to combat the heavy sealing force needed. Adept Engineering carefully configured a linkage to perfectly provide the motion and force required, which allowed a small NEMA 17 stepper motor to generate the immense forces required. Thanks to Adept’s engineering and design, the university was able to commercialize its DNA sequencing method, enabling more thorough, efficient and rapid DNA sequencing results.

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