Due to the healthcare industry’s size and scope, it attracts many consulting firms. Adept Engineering has had the opportunity to consult within the healthcare industry on several occasions, primarily when a project has had problems or when the requirements for a project exceeded the original designers’ abilities. Adept joined the project, solved the design issue and saw the project through to its completion. With the healthcare industry growing and the challenges of this highly specialized sector, Adept is looking forward to providing senior level engineering and design capabilities for many years to come.

One related project Adept was hired to handle was at the university medical level. The graduate biology research department at a New York-based university was developing a new DNA sequencing method. However, the university’s device could only handle one specimen per cycle. Since the university wanted to commercialize the process, it needed to be modified so that multiple specimens could be sequenced atomically. This wasn’t just a question of scale. Adapting the original machine required knowledge of fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering and industrial design to create the final product for commercial use the university wanted.

Regardless of the application within the healthcare industry, Adept has the decades of engineering experience to bring the concept to life, meeting even the most strict of FDA guidelines.

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