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Adept provides complete Industrial Design services. Industrial Design is Industrial Design Engineeringthe design of the user interface, the aesthetics, the ergonomics and usability of a product. It’s the implementation of both function and form, and the connection between the product, the user and the environment. It is very important that this go hand in hand with the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, which encompasses the functionality of a product.

Prototype Design and DevelopmentWith 30 years of experience in engineering and design, we will work with you to insure design solutions which includes marketability, usability and brand development, as well as the functionality and utility of the machine or product. From initial concept we excel at challenging Engineering problems and provide creative and successful solutions. The Adept team will help you with your Engineering and Industrial Design needs from conceptualization to end product.

Adept has been fortunate to have worked along side many industrial designIndustrial Design of Laboratory Equipment teams over the past few decades. From these experiences Adept has aligned itself with the very best in the industry. The designers that have been brought into the Adept team are proven professionals with experience in all aspects of Industrial Design. As is evident throughout the website, Adept is an Engineering Consulting company, therefore it gets involved with Industrial Design of products that possess a high degree of engineering. Whether that is because of mechanism, process, requirements or environment, Adept provides a high level of engineering expertise assuring the product performs reliably, efficiently and effectively.

Ergonomic Industrial DesignWhat makes Adept unique is that the Industrial design team is intertwined with the engineers from day one. Early concepts are immediately reviewed and analysed by the engineers assuring that that the chosen paths of the product development cycle are on track with the engineering principles that will make them function properly. Its this inside out design philosophy that assures that the product is superior, not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

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