Hydraulic System Design

Garbage Hauler TruckOur hydraulic system design services make our Hydraulic machinery one of our cornerstones here at Adept. When custom machinery is required to manipulate large loads, presses and clamps, then hydraulics combined with large weldments tend to be your best choice. On the more refined side are Aircraft or other weight sensitive system hydraulics where weldments take a back seat and highly engineered casted, forged and machined components are engineered around the hydraulics. Regardless of the industry Hydraulic cylinders and motors are the heavy lifters of the actuator industry.

Adept is able to engineer unique, innovative and simple soluIMAG0514tions backed by sound engineering principles, Finite element analysis (FEA) and years of experience. Years of experience in mechanism design combined with fast reliable FEA yields efficient and effective designs utilizing the minimum amount of material, components, hydraulics and joints.

Primarily all hydraulic circuits are the same regardless of application. Compiled of the six major components; 1. Reservoir, 2. Pump, 3. Pump motor, 4. Control Valve(s), 5. Actuator(s) and last but certainly not least 6. Hoses. The variations come when components like servos, accumulators and various types of valves are introduced.

lagano-001aUnderstanding large weldment requirements, varying grades of steel, heat treatment, forgings and castings are all part of engineering any large load moving or holding machine. The real art and science is in the understanding of linkages and mechanisms required to perform your unique manipulation in the most efficient and often compact manner. This is where Adept excels at the machine design itself. By avoiding brute force approaches which require oversize hydraulics, heat exchange and complex circuits. Applying a keen understanding of mechanical advantage, machine dynamics and outside of the box thinking, Adept has developed several unique and effective Hydraulic System Designs.

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