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Machine and Product Design Engineering Services

Adept provides Machine and Product Design Engineering Services as it relates to unique and innovative structures, machines and processes. The Engineering industry primarily deals with the design, manufacture and operation of structures, machines and processes that span a diverse set of disciplines, including industrial, mechanical and electrical engineering.  Adept provides sound senior level engineering advice, analysis, problem solving and designs that have evolved over decades of experience and study.

One of Adept’s most senior engineers puts it well, he says, “you can have twenty years of experience engineering one thing or you can engineer for twenty years engineering many things, these are very different engineers.” Henry Villaume, PhD.

The cliches and adages are endless, but we call ourselves Adept, not because we believe we are experts, but a large part of what engineering is about, is applying your accumulated and combined knowledge towards solving problems that haven’t been seen before, in essence, we become your expert. Adept has amassed a group of Engineers and Designers that have a wealth of experience and knowledge in many fields. We also know that properly applied Design and Engineering produces superior results and products.

Engineering is a very broad subject and discipline. We narrow this down by focusing on machines and products. Primarily purpose driven innovative machines and products that require engineering performance in one way or another. What is meant by purpose driven machines are unique machines that perform very specific task and possess performance requirements that must be met. Similarly, the Product Designs we tend to be involved in are products that require engineering. Engineering to perform; whether that’s to be strong, flexible, fast, slow, dry, wet, cool or hot, Adept can design it so that even before your first prototype is built, you will know just how well your product will perform and if by chance it fails, you’ll know where to look and what to change to get back on track fast.

Please take your time have a look around are site. Check out our testimonials at the bottom of the home page or visit our Project Samples page to see just a few of the interesting projects we’ve had the privilege to work on. Or just give us a call and let us explain exactly what we can do for you.

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