Adept provides Mechanical Engineering services as they apply to all types of machine and product development. Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline of engineering that applies to the principles of physics and materials science for the analysis, design and manufacture of simple to complex systems which must move… or remain still!? We are involved in everything as it relates to the physical and structural design of a product, machine or system. TMechanical Engineeringhe physical should not be thought of as only solids, but as liquids and gasses as well. Following the four laws of thermodynamics grants us great insight when your product or machine must involve itself with temperature, energy or entropy. With 30 years of experience and exposure in Mechanical Engineering,
we will work with you from initial concept to final solution. Whether it is the design of a single component or the complete product, machine or innovation, our team excels at challenging engineering problems while providing creative innovative solutions.

Adept’s founder and Chief Engineer began his career at Sikorsky Aircraft engineering helicopter transmissions among some of the finest engineering mentors of the world. In 1995 Adept was founded after a very rewarding and successful career with Sikorsky Aircraft .

Rotor Rotor Modal analysis
Modal Analysis

Despite all the knowledge and experience gained at Sikorsky Adept’s founder realized that there was more to Mechanical Engineering then 1000’s of horsepower and spiral bevel gears.  Now, after more than 2 decades of consulting for projects like the Park Zone to solving fuel control problems for Hamilton Sundstrand, there certainly was a lot more.

From the Mechanical Engineering perspective Adept provides innovative Engineering in complete system layout, finite element analysis, engineering and design of all major sub components; Gears, Cams, linkages, actuators, support structures, enclosures, automation and the list goes on.

Since its’ inception Adept has grown into a tightly knit group of consulting engineers dedicating their passion of applying the laws of physicMechanical Prototype Development using gearss and nature to your projects. The countless number of engineering challenges faced by Adept and its’ partners has amassed a consortium of engineering expertise and knowledge that is ready for your next engineering challenge.

The Adept team will help you with your engineering needs from conceptualization to final solution .

Mechanical Engineering and design solutions including:

  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Unique Machine Design
  • 3D Modeling for prototype development
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Engineering Risk Assessment and Reduction
  • FEA structural analysis
  • Flow Simulations
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Mechanism Design
  • IP Enclosure Design
  • Rotating Equipment

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