Adept Engineering Culture and Philosophy


Engineering passion is where we live. Since our inception in 1993, Adept  has consistently provided a range of engineering services that realize our client’s ideas, objectives and needs which spread across a diverse spectrum of engineering industries. Having been provided the benefit to contribute to many projects, Adept has provided outside the box thinking, cross industry methodologies and unique problem solving skills, which also permitted Adept’s experience and knowledge to expand.

Adept’s culture and philosophy is to provide a close professional relationship with its clients. Whether your an innovative engineering firm or an inventor you will find Adept’s depth of experience and understanding of the engineering process second to none. Every project will be handled by an engineering veteran with decades of experience dedicated to your project.

Adept Engineering Consultants, a New York engineering company, excels in new product and machine design and development. We specialize in unique purpose driven machines that solve problems which requires  a disciplined and efficient engineering process. Within the product development sector Adept can provide complete product ideation to prototype and follow through to manufacture ready documentation.

Choosing the right partner is imperative to everyone’s success. Not only does Adept already possess many experts at its fingertips, it also has the ability to ask the right question and seek the right answers when choosing an important partner to aid them with a solution. Adept has a broad reach among the Engineering community.

An engineering culture and philosophy of open communication permits Adept to provide a coordinated innovative team approach directed solely at your project, providing you with seasoned professionals.


Adept has enjoyed working with many of the very best aerospace companies. Companies like Boeing, Sikorsky, Hamilton Sunstrand, Pratt and Whitney and Kollmorgen, just to name a few. We’re familiar with following a levels of military and corporate specifications. Adept’s founder Matthew Hayduk worked for Sikorsky designing and analyzing helicopter transmissions for 11 years and was awarded a patent that has been incorporated in practically every modern helicopter today. Having worked directly with the FAA and United States NAVY, Adept knows its way around military and commercial standards.

Lighting Design

Lighting today is focused on LED’s. Adept has worked with companies like Boeing, Lockheed and BE Aerospace, developing the latest in LED lighting technology. When it comes to high watt density applications Adept is partnered with a specialized team that specifically designs and develops LED drivers and power supplies.
Adept focuses on design for manufacture, unique enclosure design and heat management solutions within the LED Lighting industry.

Alternative Energy

There is no shortage of Alternative Energy concepts. Adept has had the opportunity to work with companies all over the globe helping advance their Alternative Energy concepts. The Alternative Energy sector is perhaps one of the most competitive fields today. Harnessing energy and transforming it into usable power is riddled with engineering challenges. Efficiency and reliability is at its highest on the engineering priority list in this industry.
Adept has had the opportunity to help develop megawatt scale wind turbines as well and Hydrokinetic tidal turbines.

Consumer Products

Industrial Design is at the forefront for Product Design. Throughout Adept’s decades of service, we have had the opportunity to work with many talented Industrial design teams. Throughout these relationships Adept has selected some of the very best Designers to offers it’s Industrial Design capabilities.  From Marketing studies, to sketched, to renderings we can provide it all. And, because Adept’s designers work seamlessly along side the engineers concepts are well vetted for their ability to work and to be manufactured.

Electronic Enclosures

Not all electronics operate in harsh environments, like the bottom of the East River of New York, but they need to be protected all the same. Adept’s electrical engineers are experts at component designing, sizing and placement, while their mechanical engineers are experts on airflow and isolation. Armed with the latest in CFD software Adept will tell you whats hot and whats not.


Many consulting firms specialize in the Healthcare industry, for obvious reasons. Adept has had the opportunity to consult within this industry on several occasions. Primarily when there have been problems or when the requirements exceeded other designers abilities. The Healthcare industry is becoming a very challenging sector and Adept is looking forward to providing its senior level capabilities.


Adept is no stranger to harsh environments. On top or under the sea we are at home making machines work. From periscope technology to marine lighting Adept isn’t afraid to get wet. Whether it’s a simple LED driver or a multi-million dollar instrument we’ll make sure it stays dry, cool and together.

Power Transmissions

Do you know the difference between an Airplane and a Helicopter? An Airplane flies, while a Helicopter beats the air into submission.

The modern helicopter has to be one of the most complicated and beautiful machines today. Dragging 30,000 rpm down to 100 rpm while bending and splitting the power in all directions brings about a true appreciation of rotating machinery. Whether it’s 1,000’s of foot-pounds or ounce-inches, Adept will place the power where it needs to be.

Handheld Industrial Devices

Whether it’s help by a human or a robot, devices that perform task often need to be mobile and ergonomic. Humans require ergonomics but robots are another story. With the speed of many automated processes the G forces on the mechanisms and transfer are considerable. Fortunately having the right tools for the job makes these task easier to define, analyze and design.


When Automation requires custom discrete design Adept is the company to come to. Through the application of Creative thinking backed by sound engineering principles, Adept of conceptualized and produced many innovative and unique automated machines. Adept’s Patent portfolio is testimony of our innovation, many of our patents reside within the custom automation industry.

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