Functional Prototype Development

For the past several decades, Adept has been providing Prototype Development Services and has been Engineering phenomenal functional prototypes for its clients. Functioning prototypes are the hallmark of the concept. Often products and machines possess numerous elements, many of which can be

Functional Prototype
Functional Prototype

developed and proven through computer simulations. However, there comes a time when a prototype needs to be fabricated. (See, physical-prototype-development).

Functioning prototypes fall into several categories; despite the capabilities and capacities of computer simulations many aspects of a design may be more qualitative and quantitative, before investing in costly tooling it is important to physically prove the concept, as engineers whom live in 3D computer simulations often other stake holders need to see and touch something before buying in on a concept and even as engineers that live in a virtual reality will admit that there is no substitute for the real thing!

With all the advancements in Rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and Structural Engineering Services in New YorkCNC machining, its never been easier or faster to fabricate a prototype. For the past several decades Adept has been working with many of the top players in the rapid prototyping industry. Remaining current on all the latest technology and capabilities. As well as refining relationships with classical machine shops and manufactures when rapid prototyping doesn’t meet our requirements.

Adept provides Functional Prototype Development Services which also include:

Product Research and Concept Generation

CAD Design

3D Modeling

Solid Modeling

Tolerance Analysis

Design for manufacture

Engineering Drawings

Comparison of existing designs and new concepts

Consulting on design modifications

Prototype Development Services




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