Our Team of Professional Engineers

Team of Engineering Design Consultants

Adept is comprised of a tight group of Professional Engineering Design Consultants that have chosen each other as working partners to provide the very best Engineering experience for their clients. Some members of the group are independent sole professionals whom excel at providing a specific service, while others are small groups providing a broader range of services. Services cover Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Concept development,  Prototype Fabrication and Testing.

Working this way allows Adept to retain only the very best Long Island Engineering talent while keeping overhead low.  There is no substitute for concise and efficient communication within any organization. It would be difficult to sumate the total years of experience of all its members, but it is safe to say it is in the 100’s of years.

Adept began over 20 years ago providing mechanical engineering consulting of specialty machines and engineered products. Over the years Adept has had the opportunity to work with dozens of engineers. It has been through these experiences that enables Adept and its partners to weed out the very best; the best in knowledge, work ethic and clear thinking. Adept engineering company on Long Island is well aware that we cannot be everything for everybody and sometimes we still require additional expertise. In these circumstances our combined knowledge and experience enables us to vet out a new member for our team in the most expeditious manner, we know when to say we don’t know, and can tell when someone else doesn’t know.

Adept consists of talented people who helped make Adept what it is today.

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WEBSIGHT-IMAGE-01-300X300Matthew Hayduk, President and Chief Engineer Matthew has led hundreds of successful projects nationwide. He is known for his innovative engineering solutions that have received recognition in multiple industries. Read News

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Adept’s engineers’ primary goal is to serve its clients. Our Chief Engineer serves the fellow engineers and makes everyone’s job easier by selecting the right engineer for the right project to maximize their strengths. Primarily, we are an engineering design firm with solid relationships in most fields of design and analysis. These vetted reliable relationships allow for greater command of the project and seamless, progressive communication between each project discipline. By chance, when additional resources or talents are required Adept has a broad reach able to vet and select the necessary talent. Read more on our method. The end result is an enhanced collaboration between the different disciplines, which always benefits our client.

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