As an experienced engineering firm that has designed many patented devices, Adept has enjoyed working with many of the top international aerospace companies such as Boeing, Sikorsky, Hamilton Sunstrand, Pratt and Whitney, and Kollmorgen, to name a few. Adept Engineering’s founder, Matthew Hayduk, worked for Sikorsky for 11 years, designing and analyzing helicopter transmissions, and was awarded a patent that has been incorporated in virtually every modern helicopter today.

At Adept Engineering, we’re very familiar with following the many levels of military and corporate specifications that a project might require. In addition to providing senior-level engineering, Adept Engineering will take your project from initial concept to production-ready documentation with precision and efficiency.

Having worked with the Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA) and the United States Navy, Adept is accustomed to working within military and commercial aviation standards and practices.

One of Adept Engineering’s many aviation projects is the Passenger Service Unit LED Reading Light. Designed and developed to strict aircraft specifications and standards, this adjustable LED reading light stays cool even after long periods of use, is fire retardant, withstands aircraft vibrations, presents little to no electromagnetic interference, meets low power requirements, requires little to no maintenance and illuminates whatever angle an airline passenger might want while reading or working during a flight.

Another project was a linear actuator Adept developed for a prominent military contractor. Commercial actuators would not meet the grueling specifications the military needed so Adept Engineering was brought in to design a linear actuator that would meet their precise needs. As a military contract, we can’t discuss details other than the fact that it was engineered to fit a military vehicle, had to have extremely high payload capacity and be extremely efficient, along with a precise gear train, high precision bearings, tight tolerances and specialized surface coatings.

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