Original Equipment Manufacturer

An Original Design Manufacture supports Original Equipment Original Equipment ManufactureManufacturers (OEM) through Designing and Engineering all or part of their equipment. The OEM requires a vast array of process specific machinery, systems or subsystems. Often, this machinery requires mechanisms, enclosures, pneumatics, electronics, programming, etc.

Adept Designs, Engineers and develops purpose Handheld Resin Dispensing Unitprocess driven Machines and products for all industries. Adept’s in-depth knowledge of engineering combined with its extensive experience allows for innovative engineering and design solutions that will accelerate you past your competition. Our testimonials are a tribute to our innovative spirit, attention to detail and dedication to getting it right.

We understand that you are an expert in your industry. Your visions, customers and market establish the requirements of the machines you sell. Allow Adept to tap into your insight and visions.  They will apply their experience in Engineering and design, excelling your products and machines to new levels.

Please explore our site to see some of the many Products and Machines we have been allowed to embrace and develop. Whether they are state of the art DNA processors or Industrial Resin injectors, Adept was up to the challenge to engineer a perfect solution.

FOAM DISPENSER ASSEMBLY UnitAdept prides itself on unique and innovative solutions to meet to toughest industry requirements. Whether it’s a complete machine, part of a machine or a machine improvement, Adept is ready to provide experience and expertise towards your next original equipment solution.

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