FEA Analysis

Adept provides Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in support of its Machine and product design efforts. With the transparent integration within today’s software preforming analysis of load bearing elements within a design throughout the design process assures success from the first prototype to production.

Structural and fluid flow analyses are preformed in-house, if a design requires Non-linear or vibration analysis Adept embraces one of it’s long term partners whom are experts of the entire ANSYS suite of analytical and simulation software.

With over 30 years working with FEA Adept has the resources to properly analyse any system.

FEA Analysis

Adept provides Structural FEA Analysis services which also include:

  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Drop/Crash Tests
  • Thermal, Structural and Vibration Tests
  • Consumer Product Optimization
  • Failure Analysis
  • DOD160 Analysis for Testing
  • Fluid flow Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis

Some of the Projects that benefited from FEA

Structural FEA Analysis services

Pylon Assy FEA


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