Modern lighting has focused on LEDs for their energy efficiency. Adept Engineering has worked with companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and BE Aerospace to develop the latest in LED lighting technology. Adept Engineering focuses on design for manufacture, unique enclosure design and heat management solutions. Adept has also partnered with a specialized team to design and develop LED drivers and power supplies for high watt density applications.

Adept Engineering is experienced in all aspects of lighting design, whether it’s incandescent, light emitting diodes (LEDs), fluorescent, or halogen, but LEDs have taken the lead in modern machines and devices. We follow the most stringent design requirements in not just the lighting industry but also whatever industry the light or device requires. For example, lighting for aviation, military and marine applications each have their own specialized requirements in addition to those for consumer, industrial or commercial applications. Adept Engineering has created LED lighting designs for UL844 hazardous environments, DO160 environmental conditions as well as test procedures for Airborne Equipment, CE and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for more than a decade. Whether you need analysis, testing, industrial design, certification services or complete beginning to end engineering,

As with other forms of engineering, LED light system designs require a balance between the various system requirements. What light output, lumens, wattage and frequency is required? What focus and light spread do the optics require? Those specifications determine aspects of the power supply and the efficiency required. Heat management is always a must in lighting system design. Adept has experience with all of these lighting design aspects and more.

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