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Electrical Engineering Services

Adept provides Electrical Engineering solutions as they relate to machines and products. Electrical Engineering encompasses the development of electric subsystems within the product or machine. Adept’s Electrical Engineers will manage all aspects of the controls, sensors, power management, signalArduino Circuit processing, imaging and software development.

Typical of many Engineering projects they require each of the major disciplines Adept offers: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Design, projects like the Automated Towrope Retriever is a prime example where Adept provided all aspects of the Engineering development.

When it comes toCircuit-diagram-for-web LED light design, while the LED selection, optics, and driver design are performed by one of Adept’s proud partners, Adept manages the project and performs the required heat transfer analysis, enclosure design and design for manufacture.

Adept is acutely aware that despite its broad capabilities that there are specialties within specific engineering disciplines where there are experts with a dedicated focus on these disciplines which are invaluable to Adept’s Clients success. Specialties like dedicated power supply design, Induction Heating, LED Driver design, just to name a few.

One other area worth mentioning is the area of testing and prototyping. System and subsystem testing and prototyping is an area Adept excels.
Whether it is setting up an Arduino PCB, industrial automation mock-up or data acquisition system. We will work with you from initial concept, through the testing and prototype phase and on to manufacture ready documentation. OscilloscopeOur experienced team excels with challenging engineering problems and provides creative solutions. The Adept team will help you with your engineering needs from conceptualization to end product.

Finally, if you have a distinct or unique Electrical Engineering problem that does not require Adept’s full core competencies, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to direct you to one of our many Engineering partner specialists that will be able to help you.

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