Product Design Engineering

Product Engineering ServicesProduct design Engineering Services differentiate themselves from Industrial Design Services within the extent of how the product is defined. Whereas the embodiment of the function of the product unveils the aesthetic qualities of the product.  Whereas the functional form take on an aesthetic beauty requiring little or no introduction of applied aesthetics.  A prime example of this is the composite mountain bicycle frame we engineered for Cannondale.

Once the functional aspects of the product are developed the aesthetic aspect may Lighting Design Servicesbe applied, however the aesthetics of the product remain primarily functional. Another prime example is a desk lamp we had the privilege to contribute. Here the high powered LED that was selected required distinct and efficient heat management incorporated to assure a successful implementation of this LED light design.

Fire Hydrant PrototypeBut more often that not, the mere application of the necessary engineering principles and requirements guide the design element into a functional form that in of itself satisfies the aesthetic values of the Industrial design elements, as it was with the vandal proof fire hydrant we engineered.

Throughout the Design and Engineering development process it’s important that both the designers and engineers gain a full understanding of the user and market of the product. With this understanding it becomes clear whether or not functional aesthetics will be well received or shunned. Sometimes the best solution can be a combination of both!

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