Electronic enclosure design is an important part of engineering whether the device sits on a desk or functions in a harsh environment like the bottom of the East River in New York. Adept’s electrical engineers have many years of experience handling component design, sizing and placement and their mechanical engineers are experts on airflow and isolation.

Working with the latest CFD software, Adept Engineering will analyze fluid motion, heat transfer, incompressible and compressible fluids, laminar and turbulent flows, multiphase flow and much more to optimize designs and electronic enclosures.

Adept’s designs have included electronic enclosures for a wide range of products and environments from exacting FAA standards for an aviation light to a foam dispenser or a DNA sequencing machine to the harsh underwater environment of a hydrokinetic generator and much more.

No matter the product, Adept will use its expertise and many years of experience to create exactly what you want, what you need and its specific usage circumstances. For more information on how Adept Engineering can help you with your electronic enclosure designs, contact us today.

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