Whether a device is designed to be used by humans or robots, it needs to function properly. People want and need machines that are ergonomic. Robotic devices need to withstand the G forces and speed of automation. The team at Adept Engineering are experts in all aspects of industrial design and engineering for all of your product development needs.

Engineering for handheld devices applies to virtually all industries. Technology breakthroughs are followed by design optimization of that technology and that involves or is followed by making the device smaller, portable and being able to hold it in one hand is frequently desired. Telephones, for example, used to be tied to a location. Early portable phones were then installed in cars. True, fully portable cellphones followed but were quite large. Engineers worked to make them smaller and smaller until they briefly became too small.

Engineering and design optimization requires a balance between many factors. Focusing too much on one aspect instead of the others is a common mistake. That’s what makes design optimization one of the most challenging aspects of engineering and design. Adept Engineering excels at balancing all the factors that go into an optimal product design.

In the world of shipping and packing, the ability to deliver foam in-place has many uses. Large-scale needs were being met by machines with high volume capacities. However, a large part of the market involves packaging at lower volumes and the ability to target foam remotely was highly desired.This sort of system was also under tighter cost limitations.

Adept Engineering was able to balance these trade-offs to create a design that met all of the requirements for a portable, handheld foam dispenser. Doing so required a totally new delivery system. The old version involved a large and heavy servo motor and crank shaft, but that was far too expensive and cumbersome to satisfy the new requirements. Adept was even able to create a product that would reduce operator fatigue while improving targeting efficiency.

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