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Product Development Long Island
Mechanical Prototype Development using gears

Adept Engineering is a professional and experienced engineering firm located on Long Island. We specialize in product development for many different Long Island businesses in many different industries throughout Long Island and the entire country. Adept Engineering was established in 1993 and we have been providing innovative engineering ideas and solutions to our clients for over two decades.

At Adept Engineering we specialize in product development for many Long Island businesses. Many businesses in different industries have hired our firm to assist with their new product development for their Long Island company.  We work closely with these clients from the inception of ideas to the physical prototype development of their products.

We have assisted with the product development for Long Island businesses in many industries including health care, aerospace, the military, marine environments, energy, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, consumer products, lighting technology, and electronics.  We have an excellent reputation in the engineering industry and we are proud to have developed a loyal Long Island client base over the years.

When we work with our Long Island clients, we start with ideas for a project and then we analyze the idea.  We move on to product development and design and once a design is agreed upon, we move onto the physical prototype construction.   We test and evaluate, approve, and ultimately release the product for production.  We always explain our product development methodology to our Long Island clients before we get started on a project.

From the inception of an idea, Adept Engineering foresees and plans for the reality of your product!  We have a product development methodology that we use with all of our Long Island clients and the products that they want to develop. We like to explain the phases of product development to our Long Island clients.  The first phase starts with a virtual prototype, the second phase is a physical prototype, the third phase is production design and the fourth phase is actual production.

Adept Engineering is a Long Island engineering company that has years of experience in product development. When Long Island businesses need assistance with product development, they should contact the engineering professionals at Adept Engineering.  They can help businesses with each phase of product development and build a physical prototype for testing and evaluation purposes.  Trust the product development experts at Adept Engineering when you are ready to roll out new product ideas for your business.

Adept is a Long Island engineering firm that specializes in product development, machine and product design. Adept provides professional level engineering support to clients in many industries.  We have a team of talented engineers on staff and we also partner with other experts in the product development industry so that we can give our Long Island customers the expert service they deserve.

For expert product development services, contact Adept Engineering.  We are certified by the Better Business Bureau and we are conveniently located in Glen Cove, Long Island.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and by appointment.  Get in touch with us today at 516-759-4161 or at