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As a nationally recognized product development company, Adept Inc. is a multi-talented engineering firm with a diverse list of services for all aspects of product design. Founded on Long Island in 1993, Adept has been providing innovative engineering ideas and client solutions for more than two decades.

Adept has helped a wide range of businesses successfully bring products to market in the aerospace, alternative energy, consumer products, commercial, marine, lighting, power transmission, industrial, original equipment, military, automation and healthcare industries and more. Adept’s superior service and results are why its customers return over and over again, and include clients like Honeywell, Boeing, Pitney Bowes, Verdant Power, Palmer Foundry and many more.

No matter the industry, Adept’s experienced engineers and product development team not only meet, but also exceed, the expectations of its clients throughout the design process, from conception to final product. That’s why Adept has one of the largest portfolios of return customers throughout New York.

In addition to decades of experience, one of Adept’s secrets to success is our tried-and-true product development methodology, which begins with listening to the client’s goals and objectives. Armed with that information, Adept applies sound engineering logic and theory, and prepares a comprehensive project plan. After that, Adept uses a highly efficient prototyping and testing process. Once that has met with our clients’ satisfaction, a physical prototype is created. After extensive testing, production design follows. Then after more testing and validation, the final stage is actual production.

This process, innovation, attention to detail and outstanding customer service are why Adept attracts customers from all over the country in addition to its loyal customer base on Long Island. Trust the product development experts at Adept Engineering when you are ready to roll out new product ideas for your business.

Certified by the Better Business Bureau and conveniently located in Glen Cove, NY, Adept is the ideal choice for product development. Call us today at 516-759-4161 for an appointment to discuss how Adept Inc. can meet your product design needs.