Archives: Testimonials

Kevin M.

Matt is so intelligent and informative. I would recommend him to any colleague. He has been in this industry for a long time and it shows through his experience. Thanks for the information; I will be considering Adept for my next project 100%

Mark H.

Our company has had the pleasure of working with Adept Inc. for the past three years. Every step of the way, concept and design, testing too prototyping, Matt has brought a personal touch to the table. We cannot be more pleased with the outcome. Adept was mindful to our budget and professional in delivery. We continue today with new innovations of product and lean solely on adept Inc. to reach our goals. Mark H./CEO Mast Cat Marine

John A.

I have worked with Adept on several projects and always found Matthew to be very professional in his approach to both clients and vendors. His ability to translate client ideas from concept to hard parts is impressive. He met our budget and schedule requirements except once, when we threw a late design change at him.Even then he still met the due date. Overall we’ve been very happy with his work.

Dean C.

Matt has done work for my firm for at least seven years. His engineering work is always of the highest professional standard in every respect of quality and creativity. We and our partners have always enjoyed working with Matt, and trust his design and analysis work product which is why we return on a regular basis.

Prime Studio

Adept Engineering and Prime Studio have collaborated on a number of projects in the last 10 years and we have always found the working situation to be very satisfactory. Matt and his team are very open to suggestions and they respect the way the industrial design process works. Then, when it’s time to perform the detailed engineering analysis and design for manufacture we feel in safe hands.

Daniel C.

Matt did a great job designing components for wind turbines and underwater turbines. He has a lot of great experience and is very professional.

Walter Poggi

I am the owner of Retlif Testing Laboratories a 40 year old testing organization with locations in NY, NH and PA. Over the years I have worked with many consultants and “so called” consultants, and I can only say good things, actually only very good things about Adept Engineering and Matt. He has a great group and provides timely and most importantly “economically reasonable” engineering solutions. I would recommend Matt and Adept to anyone, anytime and know that I will always get a “thank you” for the recommendation.

Nick C.

My team and I worked with Adept in building a complex, expensive consumer prototype. Our team funded this project without engineering experience. Adept was always willing to explain in detail and impart knowledge about the prototype in order for us to feel comfortable throughout the process. Most importantly, Adept created a extremely useful prototype (bench model) that was vital in the process to bring the eventual product to market.