Want to engineer your idea? It might not be easy.

Let’s just say you want to build a new machine or develop a new product. Can’t you just dive in and do it?

The simple answer is “no.” You need an Engineer.

Adept is proud to present If Engineering Was Easy… a blog with an editorial focus on innovation in mechanical engineering, industrial design, and electrical engineering consulting. Written for, by, and about engaged and innovative engineers, If Engineering Was Easy… aims to inspire readers to strike up engineering related conversations discuss and share methodologies as they pertain to a machine and product conception and development.

For decades the discussion has been about concurrent engineering and a great deal has changed, yet much hasn’t. From the consultant’s perspective, it is an imperative requirement to utilize concurrent design techniques, not only internally but externally as well. Keeping mechanical, electrical engineers, and industrial designers all on the same page is an absolute necessity in order to provide effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

Mechanical Engineering: We will explore mechanical engineer methods. If it needs to be moved, held, enclosed, consume or produce energy this is what needs to happen. Content will focus on methods and projects that are changing the way people live or will interface with life for the next century.

Industrial Design: We’ll explore the intersection of the idea and reality. When we should develop from the inside out or from the outside in. Philosophies and opinions will be front and center in this discussion, alongside great engineers speaking their minds in blog posts and comments, with plenty of eye candy.

Electrical Engineer: Our invisible friends, computing and initiating our commands, distributing and controlling our power… We will explore various electrical engineering methods and capabilities. Content will focus on philosophies, concepts and methods, underlying some of the most innovative machines and products, and how to incorporate this very rapidly growing field into our creations of today.

Elements of the Design Process: We will discuss how these three disciplines can work better together throughout the design and engineering process.

The goal is to provide you, the reader, with engineering discussion and knowledge in action! Our collection of posts will prove to be the ultimate resource for revolutionizing the engineering process of new machines and products.


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